Vu Crystals signature ring with 24mm neon yellow top goldplated sterling silver


VU Crystals 24ct gold-plated sterling silver ring with an acrylic crystal ring top. 

All crystals are handmade so each one is truly VU - Very Unique. Light seeps into the polished surface of the crystal producing reflections inside and on the matt surface of the stone. The ring has been constructed to comply with our modular concept - a unique idea that allows you to customise your own rings. To change your ring top for any other design or colour you simply need to unscrew it by hand and replace with an alternative module. The variety of elements can be purchased individually in our online store. 

All our pieces are carefully handcrafted in our workshop in Poland, using sterling silver and acrylics. Production process is local and sustainable.

The rings bands are available in a wide size range - see below for EUR/UK/US ring sizes for your ease.

Packed in a small gift box, perfect present for someone special or for yourself!

Dispatch within 10 working days